Regulatory & Compliance

Firms can only conduct certain regulated financial activities in the UK if they are currently authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA ) or other approved body or are exempt. These activities include many of the financial services that consumers and businesses come across each day.

Autilla Ltd is regulated by the FCA as an appointed representative of Linear Investments Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA number 602239). Autilla Limited is incorporated in England and Wales under the Companies House number: 8496282.

Responsible Gold Policy

Autilla operates in strict accordance with OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High Risk Areas and the Supplement on Gold, and the World Gold Council’s Conflict Free Gold Standard. We also act in according with the LBMA’s Responsible Gold Guidance, and this has been recognised as complying with the SEC Conflict Minerals Rules, including the ruling of 22 August 2012 implementing Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank-Act.

Autilla does not condone activities which finance or benefit armed conflict and violence, either directly or indirectly.

We do not condone any activities that contribute to human rights abuses including child labour.

Autilla sources gold only from operations conforming and complying with environmental practices accepted by the international community.

Autilla will not source gold or gold bearing material that originates from areas and operations that help to the finance conflict or which damage the environment.

Autilla respects all relevant international sanctions, recommendations and protocols relating to issues around the financing of conflict or environmental damage. We insist our suppliers demonstrate without doubt that gold-containing products are “conflict free”.

Autilla does not encourage or condone the support of armed militia groups which benefit from the extraction, transport, trade, logistic assistance, handling or export of gold and gold bearing materials, whether this support is direct or indirect.

Autilla will work only with reputable transport firms that operate risk management systems that meet the OECD’s Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High Risk Areas and the LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance.

Autilla identifies its upstream and downstream suppliers according to enhanced local and international KYC Due Diligence practices. These are audited annually.

If any business dealings with any counterparties would risk a breach of the policies listed above, we shall bring this to the attention of the relevant authorities, in line with our Code of Conduct covering money laundering, the financing of terrorist activity and criminal behaviour.

We will not do business with any counterparties that do not comply or conform with local and international laws. Nor will we source metal products from any of these  counterparts.

Autilla operates at all times according to the highest professional standards and ethical values. We follow a consistent and stringent set of standards in everything we do and everywhere we work.

Everyone at Autilla must follow the minimum rules set out in this Code of Conduct. Our values guide our decision-making, and the Code is there to make sure that when those decisions become most difficult, we do the right thing. This is how we establish trust with both colleagues and clients.

We Stand For


Our daily business activities and our long-term success depend on a reputation for integrity and fairness.


We accept responsibility for all our actions and we honour our commitments to stakeholders and employees.


All employees and everyone with whom we come into contact is treated with fairness and respect.


Our communications and business relationships are founded on constructive co-operation and transparency.

Exceptional service

We are a proactive business partner, helping our clients to thrive and succeed.


We adopt the highest standards of information security, always protecting our clients’ confidentiality and information (unless otherwise required by law).

Risk control

We minimise risk and operate a business culture based on discipline.


We operate a fully compliant environment with clear control systems.


Autilla will act in an environmentally and socially responsible manner at all times.

Good citizenship

Both the company and all its employees are required to follow the standards and restrictions required by relevant laws, rules and regulations.

All members of the Board of Directors and employees of Autilla must uphold these ethical values and professional standards at all times. Failure to work according to this Code of Conduct puts Autilla, its clients and personnel as individuals at risk.

Each of us must take responsibility for operating according to our Code. Only by following it can we build a reputation for integrity, transparency, fair dealing and sustainability.

We must all put the interests of Autilla, its clients and stakeholders above any personal interests.

By following this Code, we can all of us ensure that Autilla is a company with strong values, and a place where we can be proud to work.

Our Ethical Values


Integrity is critical to our success.

We will respect the interests of stakeholder’s, employees and society.

We will identify and manage or avoid potential conflicts of interest in our business so far as we can.

We will avoid risks to our reputation.

We will not carry out employee personal account trading or in any way

personally compete with Autilla.

At all times we will act according to the ethical values and professional standards in this Code.


We accept responsibility for our actions. We honour our commitments. Our activities and decisions are guided by highly ethical standards. Our focus is to ensure sustainable returns for shareholders. We identify and meet client needs and protect their confidentiality. Our people are treated with respect and provided with interesting and challenging roles.


Client information is strictly confidential except when disclosure is authorised by them or required by law. We respect the privacy and the confidentiality of personal information. We will acquire and maintain personal information only when we require it to operate our business and/or to comply with the law. We respect the privacy of our employees and what they do outside work, unless this should impact their performance, or risk damage to Autilla’s reputation or business.


We will respect people’s rights, responsibility and dedication and create an environment based on mutual trust. Everyone should have equal opportunity. We act as a team, and put mutual success ahead of personal considerations. We recruit, promote and develop our people according to merit regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, marital or family status, pregnancy, disability or any other characteristic protected by applicable laws. Diversity of people and opinions is valued within our company. We will maintain a safe workplace for all, abiding by applicable health and safety rules and practices.

Our Professional Standards

Service and Excellence

We are a proactive partner for our clients, helping them achieve their goals. We treat our clients fairly, act with integrity and everything we do is legal. We build relationships based on trust, honesty and transparency.

We make promises only when we are sure we can deliver on them. We respond to client complaints immediately and fully to make sure we maintain the highest standards of independence and integrity.


Autilla will behave in a social and environmentally responsible manner at all times. We will reduce and minimise our impact on health and the environment by:

– Cutting emissions, waste and discharges whenever we can

– Being energy efficient

– Reducing health risks in the workplace

– Taking the time to do things safely.

When evaluating and minimising environmental and social impacts, we look both at our own business practices and those of our suppliers.

We respect fundamental standards of human rights.

Our Approach to Risk

We identify and manage all areas of risk in our business environment. We minimise trading risks. We are committed to the independent compliance and audit processes.


At Autilla, we will be constructive, transparent and co-operative in all our communications and business relationships. This courtesy extends also to our relationships with regulators and we are committed to being transparent and co-operative. We make financial disclosure according to best practices and applicable regulatory requirements. We ensure we always disclose any potential business risks we may have or could encounter.