Blockchain is transforming the industry: is your strategy in place?

区块链正在改变整个行业:贵公司 是否已制定策略?

September, 2016

  • Data management offers clear benefits

  • Trust is a key differentiator

What is blockchain?
– The short version is that blockchain is a form of data and digital money transfer that is almost impossible to hack — a form of digital-era triple-entry bookkeeping.
– To date, the biggest concern around the digital transfer of sensitive information or money has been security. Blockchain promises to remove that concern.
– As The Economist puts it, this makes blockchain “an apparently mundane process that has the potential to transform how people and businesses co-operate.”

Blockchain is more than just a data security protocol — it could transform the way industries and individuals do business. mentioned Autilla in this piece, below are links to the articles:

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Chinese version